Stories by Judi

Story 1:

A Midwest Yogi in India

“My spiritual teachers no longer wear white tunics or lululemon. They wear halters and lead ropes, or jeans and gym shoes. I became less interested in the holistic benefits of herbs grown halfway around the globe, and more interested in living in harmony with my own ecosystem.”

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Story 2:

Watershed Moment

“The next morning I saw that a huge part of the ceiling had, indeed, fallen right on the bed. Sleeping in the spare room that night ended up being the best luck I had had in awhile (sad).”

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Story 3:

Runaway Horse

“There is a special feeling you get when you watch an animal of yours run away up the road. It takes only a second to assess the fact that they are much faster on foot than you are. You realize that without the boundaries of fencing, this chase could take place over miles of fields and woods, not all of it paved for a vehicle. You factor in a scared little girl and your heart plummets to your diaphragm and stays there, beating hard.”

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Story 4:


“You can imagine my surprise when one day I drove up in the car after errands, and they all ran to greet me. I stepped out of the car to the flock crowding around me, clucking wildly, waving their wings. Clearly, something huge had happened while I was gone, and they were trying to tell me all about it.”

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Story 5:

Harold’s Tractor

“It was a little uncomfortable to be lounging about with my girlfriends, reading magazines and drinking Tab, while two boys of our same age were out in the hot sun, doing manual labor, often getting yelled at by their father for some error in the field. I felt a little useless, but also a little grateful that it wasn’t me.”

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Story 6:

A Pony as a Spiritual Teacher

“At first, my father needed to help saddle Sugar Babe for me; and not because I was too small.
The reason was far more sinister.

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