October 9

Burn Pile Fire Ceremony

It’s the end of our main season here at Soul Farm, and it shows not only in our schedule, but in nature around us. Fall symbolizes a big transition; from the productivity and heat of summer, to the cold dormancy of winter. Transitions are always a time to take stock, and we celebrate this transition with the lighting of our burn pile.

If you’ve seen our burn pile, it’s pretty darn huge. So, we will have our trained fire master, Gene, in charge of the fire. Judi will lead a ceremony symbolizing transition and release. Bring items that symbolize what you would like to release going forward. Journals, photos, letters; gosh darn it, this fire is so big we can add boxes, small furniture, clothing, etc. Please make sure your item is made of natural materials such as paper, cotton, and wood. (We reserve the right to refuse certain objects for ecological or other reasons).

We will serve a simple, casual and warming vegetarian stew meal, and provide water.

This event is weather-dependent. It must be dry, with low wind. If for any reason we deem it unsafe or impractical, we will either reschedule to October 10, or cancel. If we cancel or you are unable to reschedule with us, your fee will naturally be fully refunded.

Fee: $50

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About this Day:

We know it’s important to follow all social distancing rules that are still in place. Therefore, the group size will be limited (register early!) and if weather will not allow outdoor activities that help us maintain social distancing, we will cancel and issue full refunds at least 24 hours prior to the day. (Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels)
$50 each 

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