Day Trips

Our location is perfect for One-Day Farm Day or Horse Clinic.

A Farm Day starts with a drive in the country. Toss out the Waze map and follow our path down Route 30, or the historic Lincoln Highway. Pass through small towns and finally find yourself at our gravel road.

As you pass through the gate into Soul Farm, you’ll be greeted with a cool drink and snacks. Meet your fellow farmers for the day, and enjoy a tour of the property.

In short order, we will roll out our mats, either in the Yoga Barn, or outdoors by the ponds, and enjoy a rejuvenating yoga practice, followed by an extended savasana, soothed by the sounds of nature. Afterward, we’ll practice our meditation in motion, with a forest-bathing session in the woods. Feel free to stay, settle into one of the meditation areas, and continue to calm the busy mind as long as you like.

In the mid afternoon, community rules as we join around the big table, under the tall oaks if the weather allows, and break bread together. Local food is featured in our farm-to-table menu. Maybe you’ll tuck into our signature cool cucumber soup, vegetable casserole, country bread and homemade rhubarb ice cream.

Each farm day will feature other activities; mandala drawing or a hay ride, perhaps? You will be back on the road by 6:00pm, feeling inspired from a day in the country.

A Horse Clinic is a day with Mike Zimmerman, refining your communication with your horse. Mike’s one-day clinic will help develop groundwork skills, and, depending on the clinic you choose, may include time in the saddle.

Check our schedule here for the one-day events we currently have on our calendar.