Horsemanship Clinics

with Mike Zimmerman

Soul Farm Horsemanship Clinics with Mike Zimmerman are an opportunity for riders to forge better communication with their horses, and enjoy a rejuvenating day away with their equine partners.


Soul Farm and Mike Zimmerman have partnered to offer educational clinics for riders and their horses. These clinics build confidence, communication and enjoyment in the partnership between the human and horse.

Mike spends time one-on-one with each pair, addresses specific concerns with patience and thoughtfulness. While riders are encouraged and new ideas are presented, no pair is ever pushed past their comfort level in trying new techniques.

With some topics, there may be additional work in small groups. Our clinics are intentionally small, to keep the experience as individual, enriching and safe as possible.

Horses provide such a wonderful opportunity for forging community and personal growth. Join us for a clinic to experience the best of this at Soul Farm.