July 17

Mother-Daughter Day

Mother-Daughter duo Judi and Eva Harvin host a day at Soul Farm, for mothers and daughters 10 years old and up. Pre-teens, teens or adults, many gals still secretly want a pony for Christmas. This day offers a chance to get close-up and personal on the ground with the Soul Farm horses, BJ, Yogi and Boogeyman. There will be a delicious meal, and a scavenger hunt in the woods to find beads to make your own chakra bracelet, and the opportunity to grab a bamboo pole and head to the pond to fish (we catch and release at Soul Farm).

10:00am – 4:00pm

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About this day:

Reservations are  limited (register early and book your whole pair/group at once) and if weather will not allow outdoor activities that help us maintain social distancing, we will cancel and issue full refunds at least 24 hours prior to the day.
$95 each participant

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