Relax, recharge and transform at Soul Farm.

This is our first season, and we’d love for you to be a part! We have six great events currently planned (you never know, we may toss another in if we feel inspired), so scroll down below to check them out. Please email us with any questions you have about our retreats, and we promise to get right back to you!

We have fun blogs posted about the past history and future plans for Soul Farm, and if you’d like to peruse them, scroll way down, or click right here

Farm Days

Load up the pickup for a fun day trip to the farm! We begin the day about 10am with a yoga class. Then, there’s time to walk the woods, fish in the pond (we have a few poles, but bring a favorite if you have one), bike the backroads, tour the property, or just relax under the trees. We will enjoy a big midday meal with as many local, farm grown ingredients as we can round up. Head on home when you like, or by 8pm, whichever comes first!

June 22

Farm Day - June 22st - $125​

One Night Mini “R&R” Retreats
Come on out Friday late afternoon or early evening and stay until early Saturday evening. We will begin with a little yoga Friday evening, followed by a farm-to-table dinner. Sleep in the little farmhouse or in our “glamping” bunkhouse or walled tents (comfy beds and furniture, of course!). Saturday includes yoga, more delicious food, and time to enjoy the other features of Soul Farm. Getting a little R&R away from it all has never been so simple.
July 19-20
August 16-17

One Night Mini Retreat July 19-29 - $225

One Night Mini Retreat August 16-17 - $225

Two Night Retreats

These retreats are super special. The extra day allows us to dive deep into a special theme, “The Nature of You”. Take a drive to the country, away from obligations and screen time and reconnect with the natural elements, fire, water, earth, air and ether, that are so powerful at Soul Farm. Join us Friday 5:00pm, and stay till noon Sunday.
Click here to read more details of “The Nature of You”
September 6-8
September 27-29

Two Night Retreat September 6-8 - $500

Two Night Retreat September 27 - 29 - $500 (Registration Closed)

Past present and future; it’s all below. Learn about the history of Soul Farm, where we are now in creating your yoga retreat space, and our vision for the future. Learn some of the deep, dark secret stories as well! Take a little tour by clicking on one of the posts below.

Farm Yoga Retreats?

This is where it all starts. Learn more about the idea and the vision right here.

Farm History

It all started with this guy. In this post I share the story behind the farm. Click here to learn Farm History.

Food at the Farm

One of the best things about a farm is eating food you grew yourself. Eating off the land is a treat I talk about in this post.

The Bunkhouse – Transformed!

We have been working super hard to make the bunkhouse comfortable and fun. Read the story here.

Showers and Such

We are hard at work creating structures for all the necessities, including showering! Like the idea of a shower under the sun? Read about it here.

The Ponds

This could be you! One of our nice features is the ponds. The sights and sounds of this water feature are described  right here.

Farm Fashion

It’s not all about yoga pants, you know. The farm has it’s own kind of fashion savvy, and there’s a few items you’ll want to pack up for sure! Get the checklist here.

Yoga Barn

We all love doing yoga under the sunny skies, but what if it’s not so nice out? Our Yoga Barn has a long history at the farm, and we share the finished updates, and a bit of the story, right here.

Country Roads

You might not know it yet, but your retreat begins as you roll your car out of the city and on to the country roads. Soul Farm is really out there, and the sights you see are half the fun! Click here to read more.

Farm Chores

This is a working farm, and there are always chores to be done. While you won’t have to work on a retreat (unless you want to!) Click here to learn a little about what we do at the farm when we aren’t kicking back under the oaks.

Outhouse Updates

Throughout the winter, work has been going on at the farm, on our structures. Click here to see what’s going up, (and what came down!)