September 4

The Yoga of the Horse

with Judi Harvin

Humans use words, tones and facial expressions for communication.
Horses use body language and chi, or energy.
Humans function as predators in the natural world.

Horses function as prey in the natural world.

Yoga means “to join” “to yoke” or “to unite”. In many ways humans and horses function as opposing forces. But when they unite, the result is a powerful and beautiful dance, a synergy that is not dissimilar to the flow state.

As a child, I spent hours with my horses, sometimes riding, but often simply sitting and observing, becoming part of the herd. As an adult, I continue enjoy my horse friends. But now, as a yoga practitioner and instructor, I can add the unique perspective of yoga, and I see horses as spiritual teachers.

Through work on the ground, we will observe and interpret the body language of the horse. We will explore our own energy, and the energy of the horse through interaction and yoga practice. We practice non-verbal communication and explore the role of leader and what the horse needs from us to accept us in that role. We learn to understand how the horse, a prey animal, thinks. We build trust, and learn to trust. And we explore what this new information means in our interactions with our fellow humans.

This day includes yoga, one-on-one exploration with the horses, snacks, and a delicious full farm-to-table meal.

10:00am – 4:30pm

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The group size for this event is very small (register early!) and if weather will not allow outdoor activities that help us maintain social distancing, we will cancel and issue full refunds at least 24 hours prior to the day.
$150 each

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