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September 6-8, 2024

Breathwork and Yoga Retreat

Have you been curious about all the buzz surrounding Breathwork recently? A retreat is the perfect way to explore how this tool, especially combined with the practice of yoga, can be a powerful ally in creating and maintaining the optimal mind and body states in which to navigate life and support a spiritual practice.

Both Yoga and breathwork are powerful tools for energizing, relaxing, focusing and releasing. They can help us balance our Prana, or life force energy. They can aid in releasing tension, stuck energy, and old patterns, both physical and mental. 

Judi and Fran will lead an exploration  of the science and techniques these practices offer in several yoga and breathwork sessions. The yoga will be simple and all-levels, and prepare the body for the energizing, calming or releasing breathwork practices we will experience. The retreat environment gives lots of time for discussion, sharing, processing, and simply relaxing. Combined with healthy foods and the power of our Soul Sister community, you will leave feeling renewed, and with new tools to use in your daily life.

As you exit our gravel road and meet at our little cottage, you’ll be greeted with snacks and friendly Soul Sisters, also looking for a bit of peace from a hectic world.

This retreat is hosted by Judi Harvin, and the retreat includes several yoga practices, opportunities for a massage in our old corn crib or one on one time with our horses, forest meditations in our private woods, and other activities designed to deeply root you to Nature.*

A one night stay includes a full dinner Friday night, a full brunch Saturday morning, and a portable meal Saturday afternoon that can be eaten picnic style or on the road (if you need to get back home early). We also serve healthy snacks so you aren’t hungry as you get to know kindred spirits, or take much needed time in solitude.

Our bathhouse has two airy, clean flushing toilet rooms with running water sinks (hot and cold, of course!) as well as two spacious, private, but open to the fresh air showers with plenty of hot water. It’s clean, fresh and invigorating.

Our bunkhouse or tent beds are comfortable, with real linens, and the sounds of crickets, frogs and woodland birds will lull you to sleep. Rustic and outdoorsy, but with the touches that make your retreat an inspiring and relaxing experience. Remember, if it’s important to book with a friend, book together!

*Massages, one-on-one horse experiences are available at an additional fee.

Friday, 5:00pm – Sunday, 12:00pm

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The Soul Bunkhouse:

Our original bunkhouse has four twin size beds, electricity (one outlet, but hey!), and a sweet little covered porch with the cutest furniture you ever did see.  Our new bunkhouse has 8 beds in bunks, curtains for privacy, and it’s own cute porch. If you’d like to share a bunkhouse with friends, please make your reservations together! Unless bunkhouses are booked as a group, we reserve right to place guests.
$510 each

Glamping Tent:

Each tent includes two twin beds, and furniture to make your stay comfortable. There is no electricity (perish the thought!) but we supply the soft, atmospheric glow of lanterns. It is close to the roomy bathhouse. Please book together if you’d like to share with a friend!
$590 each

One Hour Massage:

Massages are scheduled during free time on Saturday and usually take place in our original, rustic corn crib, private, but open to fresh air. Book early as these are limited in availability.
$90 each

One Hour Horse Experience:

Work one-on-one in small groups with one of our friendly Soul Farm horses. We work on the ground, developing new, non-verbal ways of communicating, developing confidence, and creating bonds. Book early as these experiences are limited in availability.
$75 each

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