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Yoga Instructor Continuing Education

Soul Farm is committed to continuing the tradition of Yoga, with a Midwest twist. Judi Harvin, E-RYT500, YACEP, is the owner of Soul Farm, and a yoga instructor with nearly 25 years of teaching experience. Judi has led a over a dozen teacher trainings, and many CE workshops as well. 


There’s no better place to open your mind to new ideas and meet kindred spirits than Soul Farm. Nature is the basis of our yoga here, and the woods, fields, and equine residents will support your growth as much as the teachings
and time with fellow instructors.


Soul Farm’s continuing education for instructors offers daylong workshops, or mini retreats to recharge and refresh while we hone our skills and learn new ones. All offer CE hours to certified instructors. And, we have a 300 hour training in the works for later in 2023! Soul Farm is the perfect place to blend inspiration, learning and personal growth for those in the yoga profession.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Saturday, June 10
9:30am – 5:00pm
6 CE hours
$130 (includes a light lunch)

Feeling confident, conveying that confidence and communicating clearly and skills that all yoga instructors need. Sometimes the best way to develop those skills is to approach them from very different directions.

This workshop begins with exploring our own unique leadership styles and blocks with work with our equine friends. Learn how horses think about leaders. What makes a horse feel confidence and trust? Certainly, those traits can be applied to how humans see leaders. Nervous around horses? Being nervous is ok! Each student will work at a pace that feels safe, but encourages growth and success.

This workshop will also help us to look at cueing in a whole new way. While simple cueing might seem, well, simple! removing verbal clutter and memorizing cues is actually quite challenging. Through cueing play and exploring some key important points, we will loosen our brains and have fun with this very challenging part of teaching.

Weaving Themes into Your Yoga Classes

4:30pm Friday, July 7- 5:00pm Saturday, July 8
10 CE hours
$250 (includes dinner, brunch and a light afternoon meal)

One way to keep engaged as an instructor, and keep students enthusiastic about your classes is to weave themes throughout vinyasa flow sequences. Themes that encourage your students to see things in a fresh way, reaffirm important values, and take their yoga off the mat will keep them coming back to their mats! It offers instructors an organizational tool to use in sequencing, and sharing topics of interest helps keep your teaching fresh and interesting to you.

Experience a vinyasa flow practice featuring a special Nature-based topic, and discuss the decisions and sequencing of that class. As the workshop progresses, we will explore other themes, and vehicles to bring them alive through readings, breathing, meditation and poses.

This workshop is appropriate for the instructor new to this style and wanting to learn more, to the teacher who has a topic in mind and would like feedback. It includes accommodations in the Soul Farm Bunkhouse, and meals

Coming Fall 2023…

Unique environments open our minds. Nature brings us back to our Source. Skilled instruction expands our boundaries. The Soul Farm 300 hour teacher training offers all three to create an advanced yoga teacher training that is as unique as it is motivating. A yoga instructor searching for an advanced teacher training is certainly looking to expand their knowledge of asana, anatomy, meditation, pranayama, and lifestyle. But, they are also looking to become a more confident and skilled instructor.

They are looking for ways to make their classes sing. They are looking to feed their own practice so they can share with renewed vitality. Building confidence and navigating the challenges of teaching, making connections, and refining teaching skills are very pertinent reasons to embark on an advanced training. This training, with its monthly retreat-style immersions as well as weekly zoom classes will bring you back to your classes with new vitality and ideas.

How is this training unique?
Soul Farm 300 Hour Teacher Training utilizes several retreat-style immersions to create the optimal experience to learn and retain. As many of the retreats as possible will take place at Soul Farm. The Soul Farm property will allow us to eat from the garden, take long forest bathing meditations, practice under the oaks, and work on communication and leadership with the Soul Farm horses. This connection with the natural world will help you to become very grounded in teaching and understanding of the universal principals of the science of Yoga.

We will be sharing more information soon. Register for our newsletter to hear about it first!