Online Classes

I‘m excited for the return of warm weather, and the opportunity to take my yoga practice back to the best place ever…nature. I’d love to practice with you. I’m offering class series this summer that can be attended live, via Zoom. These classes will be saved for later viewing, for the duration of the series, so if you miss a class or wish to take one again, you are covered! Sign up for one, or all. (Never fear, if weather does not permit an outdoor class, I will be teaching from the Soul Farm cottage.) 

Yoga and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Nature
Tuesdays, 8:00-9:15am
May 10 – June 14, 2022

Yoga tells us that humans are a “microcosms of the Macrocosm”, or that the Nature that surrounds us is mirrored within us. For years, the mystics have observed the principals of Nature, and have organized them into “Laws”. Imagine the power we wield if we study these laws and discern how they function in our own minds and bodies. Working with the energy of Nature, harnessing its power within us and applying it to the betterment of our life is simply, magic. Each class in this series will begin with a brief discussion of one of the Spiritual Laws of Nature, and then apply it throughout an all-levels vinyasa flow (some yoga experience highly recommended).

May 10  The Law of Wholeness
May 17  The Law of Flow
May 24  The Law of Balance
May 31  The Law of Limits
June 14  The Law of Cause and Effect
June 21  The Law of Planes
June 28  The Law of Evolution

Classes are $15 each (register by 7am day of class)
Class series is $70
All classes can be accessed via Zoom until July 12