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At the farm, spring is all about mowing. Usually I love mowing. It’s relaxing, you get to sit and think and still be doing something that needs doing. But, it the spring there is so much of it that it helps to have help. Eva is a wiz at mowing with the tractor. ┬áHere she is mowing the horse pasture.

Here she comes.

Hey! Hellooo!!

There she goes.

Now, going forward is a snap, but every good farmer needs to know how to put the tractor away. And that means backing up. That is no easy feat when you have a little mower trailing behind you.

You need to think kind of in reverse. The way you cut your wheels is opposite the way the hind end of the tractor will turn, of course, but exactly the way the hind end of the mower will end up. And, the turn can be pretty sharp. This is crazy thinking. You think too hard and you end up like this.

Wait a minute while I get that horse out of the way. (That’s Mack.)

While this isn’t ideal, it’s not really as bad as it looks. Maybe we ought to see this in action.

I don’t know what is more impressive, Eva’s driving or my coaching.

I am happy to say, putting the tractor away was a success. There is no small feeling of satisfaction when you accomplish this. Congratulations, Eva!