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March 22-24, 2024

Spring Equinox Retreat

In the cycle of life, spring is the time we plant our seeds. This can be literal, as in planting flowers, or spiritual, as in setting intentions. In this retreat, we will explore both.

The Spring Equinox is a time of balance between light and dark, solar and lunar energy. We will explore this through yoga, journaling, and a Spring Equinox Ceremony that will celebrate balance and planting new seeds. Shanna and Judi will supply flower pots and seeds that will (hopefully!) sprout beautiful flowers as well as the hopes and intentions infused within. March can feel long in the Midwest; this weekend can bring a shot of warmth, lightness and laughter into an often grey month.

This retreat takes place at a beautiful cabin in Oregon, Illinois, near Soul Farm.

Friday, 5:00pm – Sunday, 12:00pm

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Please note: you will need to make two purchases, one for the bed you are selecting, and one for meals and activities. Guests may opt to share a bed, only paying once for the bed. However, each guest must purchase a “Meals and Activities” option. We will select a specific room/bed for you.

King Beds:

Three available. Two in private bedrooms, one in a loft.
$380 each

Queen Bed:

One available in a private bedroom.
$360 each

Double Beds:

Two available, both in one private room.
$320 each

Twin Beds

Two available, both in one private room.
$260 each

Air Mattress:

Two available. This is our most economical option, but we make it nice, with real sheets and comforters!
$200 each

Meals and Activities

Required for all reservations.
$260 each

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