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It might still need a little dressing up (think flowers and maybe a couple relaxing chairs on the porch) but our bunkhouse is ready for occupancy!

Oh my. I haven’t seen this picture for a while. And I probably shouldn’t be showing this to you now. But, just so you can see the progress we’ve made, here is a little snapshot of the bunkhouse when we started.  Yeeesh. No wonder the kids didn’t want to sleep there anymore. Creepy.

Here’s a before photo of the inside. Homey, right? Now….wait for it….

Ta Da!!  

Now, lot’s of hard work went into this transformation….

It wasn’t always fun, I don’t mind telling you. A rainy spring meant some cold, damp work sessions. But, we are done, and looking forward to filling it with yogis! Our first one night retreat is July 19-20. We do have a few spots left, because we also have the cutest walled tents to share, and some indoor sleeping as well. Join us!