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Our goal at Soul Farm is to use the existing structures as much as possible for our retreats. We needed a place to practice yoga that would be out of the elements, but still have a natural and farmy feel. This is the view looking outside of the Yoga Barn. What was the Yoga Barn originally, you may ask? And what does it look like now?

Well, now, doesn’t this look inviting…if you’re a horse or a tractor! The lean-to is one of the original structures on the property, and for years we kept the back-hoe there. Horses loved it for getting out of the heat and away from bugs. And it housed a lot of old fenceposts.

But, maybe if we dig that earth down a little, and pour a new floor…

Repair the roof, give the inside a serious power wash, dress it up a bit and, hey! That’s looking a little nicer!

But, the best thing we added was yogis. Ahhhh…

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