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December 1-3, 2023

Breathwork and Yoga Retreat

Have you been curious about all the buzz surrounding Breathwork recently? A retreat is the perfect way to explore how this tool, especially combined with the practice of yoga, can be a powerful ally in creating and maintaining the optimal mind and body states in which to navigate life and support a spiritual practice.

Both Yoga and breathwork are powerful tools for energizing, relaxing, focusing and releasing. They can help us balance our Prana, or life force energy. They can aid in releasing tension, stuck energy, and old patterns, both physical and mental. 

Judi and Fran will lead an exploration  of the science and techniques these practices offer in several yoga and breathwork sessions. The yoga will be simple and all-levels, and prepare the body for the energizing, calming or releasing breathwork practices we will experience. The retreat environment gives lots of time for discussion, sharing, processing, and simply relaxing. Combined with healthy foods and the power of our Soul Sister community, you will leave feeling renewed, and with new tools to use in your daily life.

This retreat takes place at a beautiful cabin in Oregon, Illinois, near Soul Farm.

Friday, 5:00pm – Sunday, 12:00pm

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Please note: you will need to make two purchases, one for the bed you are selecting, and one for meals and activities. Guests may opt to share a bed, only paying once for the bed. However, each guest must purchase a “Meals and Activities” option. We will select a specific room/bed for you.

King Beds:

Three available. Two in private bedrooms, one in a loft.
$380 each

Queen Bed:

One available in a private bedroom.
$360 each

Double Beds:

Two available, both in one private room.
$320 each

Twin Beds

Two available, both in one private room.
$260 each

Air Mattress:

Two available. This is our most economical option, but we make it nice, with real sheets and comforters!
$200 each

Meals and Activities

Required for all reservations.
$260 each

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