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Yoga of the Horse

Working with a horse is a magnificent way to build self-confidence, hone non-verbal communication skills, and feel empowered. A horse is aware of our energy in ways that we may not be, and will react directly to this energy.

A horse communicates in subtle ways – the cock of an ear, a shift in the body. We slow down and learn to read the horse. We become aware of things in ourselves that we hadn’t noticed, because the horse draws our attention to those things.

They are spiritual teachers.

Humans use words, tones and facial expressions for communication. Horses use body language and chi, or energy. 

Humans function as predators in the natural world. Horses function as prey in the natural world.

Yoga means “to join” “to yoke” or “to unite”. In many ways humans and horses function as opposing forces. But when they unite, the result is a powerful and beautiful dance, a synergy that is not dissimilar to the flow state.

I’m Judi Harvin. As a child, I spent hours with my horses, sometimes riding, but often simply sitting and observing, becoming part of the herd. As an adult, I continue to enjoy my horse friends. But now I can add the unique perspective of yoga, as a trained yoga instructor and practitioner. 

During day events and retreats at Soul Farm, I introduce others to the magic I felt when communing with my horses, not from their backs, but from ground level. We will observe the horses in the herd, and interacting with humans, to learn about their body language. We will explore our own energy through yoga. How do we use this in non-verbal communication with these great animals? What is the role of the leader, what makes a good leader, and how do we become accepted in that role from the horses perspective? How can this be taken into our interactions with other humans?