Equine Yoga Events

Working with a horse is a magnificent way to build self-confidence, hone non-verbal communication skills, and feel empowered. A horse is aware of our energy in ways that we may not be, and will react directly to this energy.

A horse communicates in subtle ways – the cock of an ear, a shift in the body. We slow down and learn to read the horse. We become aware of things in ourselves that we hadn’t noticed, because the horse draws our attention to those things. They are spiritual teachers.

In our Equine Yoga events and retreats, we work on the ground with horses. Mike Zimmerman, our trainer, will give a demonstration of the non-verbal communication between horse and human, and how when trust is built, there is an opportunity for a deep connection. We will each have the opportunity to interact with our own horse on the ground. Mike will take us through simple skills so we can see how we can positively communicate non-verbally with these majestic animals, forging trust and connection.

The equine teachings will be combined with coordinating yoga practices. Our practice will focus on quieting and focusing the mind, so that when we work with our horse we can maintain calmness and clarity. We will think about the different types of energy, and how they can be applied to our interactions with the horse. As we practice, we will see how communicating with a horse is not so different than communicating with people.

In addition to resting and refreshing at Soul Farm, you will enjoy healthy farm-to-table meals, and Judi and Mike will lead an evening fireside philosophy chat. We’ll explore a little more about what working with horses teaches us about ourselves and our species, and digest our experiences of the day.

We all need a little adventure in our lives. It helps us feel alive. If it’s time to see the world in a little different way, join us for an EquineYoga Retreat this summer.


The main difference between this experience and a Midwest Yoga Retreat takes place during the Saturday midday period. All retreats feature morning and evening yoga, and meals. But from 11am to 6pm is the time that varies. Here is the description of a Yoga retreat featuring the Equine experience.

11:00am – Noon

A demo with Mike where he will take a horse into the round pen and demonstrate “hooking-on” – a practice that demonstrates the possibilities of communication with a horse. The horse is totally off lead, and Mike uses non-verbal techniques to acquire the horse’s full attention in order to direct  its movements. Learn what Mike is saying to the horse, simply by using his eyes and energy, and what the horse is saying right back. The moment when the horse decides to become one with the human is truly magical.

Noon – 1pm


2:30 – 4:30

Groundwork clinic with Mike. Each participant has a horse to work with. This work takes place on the ground, and handlers will learn about creating safe boundaries, reading a horse’s signals, and using non-verbal communication to direct a horse’s movements. Learn about how the horse thinks, as both a prey and a herd animal; there will be information that certainly applies when thinking about our interactions with two legged beings.

4:30 – 6:00pm

Rest, dinner


A bonfire sets the stage for an equine philosophy talk with Mike and Judi. Enjoy a discussion on communication, the herd mentality, leadership and trust, and how it relates to us humans.