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February 23-25, 2024

Full Moon Self-Care Retreat

Use the potent Full Moon energy to care for the most important person in your life: yourself. 

This retreat will utilize heart chakra focused yoga, journaling, and the power of a Full Moon ceremony to cultivate connection with the person that is you. We will have time for sharing tips for self-care that are sustainable, practical, and able to be worked into daily routines. In addition, we will create a simple but magical body butter infused with the positive energy of a group of kindred spirits to take home and keep the beautiful energy of connection going long after the retreat!

This retreat takes place at a beautiful cabin in Oregon, Illinois, near Soul Farm.

Friday, 5:00pm – Sunday, 12:00pm

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Book this Retreat:

Please note: you will need to make two purchases, one for the bed you are selecting, and one for meals and activities. Guests may opt to share a bed, only paying once for the bed. However, each guest must purchase a “Meals and Activities” option. We will select a specific room/bed for you.

King Beds:

Three available. Two in private bedrooms, one in a loft.
$380 each

Queen Bed:

One available in a private bedroom.
$360 each

Double Beds:

Two available, both in one private room.
$320 each

Twin Beds

Two available, both in one private room.
$260 each

Air Mattress:

Two available. This is our most economical option, but we make it nice, with real sheets and comforters!
$200 each

Meals and Activities

Required for all reservations.
$260 each

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