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January 26-28, 2024

The Art of Wintering Retreat

In Nature, winter is a time to slow way down and draw inward. In modern life, we often speed up in the winter, filling indoor time with projects, work and learning. While the majority of us cannot change this new reality, we can explore ways to create pockets of stillness and more moments of quiet in order to maintain a healthy harmony with the natural world.

In this retreat, we will use the practice of yoga, our journaling tools, and cooking as ways to explore a slower pace. We will all bring a simple ingredient for a yummy community stew, and slow down with chopping and cooking together. We will also have plenty of time to simply share our thoughts on creating more stillness; sitting with a steamy cup of tea or coffee and sharing ideas and wisdom with friends is the perfect slow winter activity! 

This retreat takes place at a beautiful cabin in Oregon, Illinois, near Soul Farm.

Friday, 5:00pm – Sunday, 12:00pm

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Please note: you will need to make two purchases, one for the bed you are selecting, and one for meals and activities. Guests may opt to share a bed, only paying once for the bed. However, each guest must purchase a “Meals and Activities” option. We will select a specific room/bed for you.

King Beds:

Three available. Two in private bedrooms, one in a loft.
$380 each

Queen Bed:

One available in a private bedroom.
$360 each

Double Beds:

Two available, both in one private room.
$320 each

Twin Beds

Two available, both in one private room.
$260 each

Air Mattress:

Two available. This is our most economical option, but we make it nice, with real sheets and comforters!
$200 each

Meals and Activities

Required for all reservations.
$260 each

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