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Saturday, June 10

Leadership and

Communication Skills for

Yoga Instructors

Feeling confident, conveying that confidence and communicating clearly and skills that all yoga instructors need. Sometimes the best way to develop those skills is to approach them from very different directions.

This workshop begins with exploring our own unique leadership styles and blocks with work with our equine friends. Learn how horses think about leaders. What makes a horse feel confidence and trust? Certainly, those traits can be applied to how humans see leaders. Nervous around horses? Being nervous is ok!  Each student will work at a pace that feels safe, but encourages growth and success.

This workshop will also help us to look at cueing in a whole new way. While simple cueing might seem, well, simple! removing verbal clutter and memorizing cues is actually quite challenging. Through cueing play and exploring some key important points, we will loosen our brains and have fun with this very challenging part of teaching.

Saturday, 9:30am – 5:00pm

$160 includes training and lunch

6 CE Hours

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