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July 8-9

Weaving Themes Into

Your Yoga Classes

One way to keep engaged as an instructor, and keep students enthusiastic about your classes is to weave themes throughout vinyasa flow sequences. Themes that encourage your students to see things in a fresh way, reaffirm important values, and take their yoga off the mat will keep them coming back to their mats! It offers instructors an organizational tool to use in sequencing, and sharing topics of interest helps keep your teaching fresh and interesting to you.

Bring your mind into the space Friday evening with a vinyasa flow practice featuring a special Nature-based topic, and discuss the decisions and sequencing of that class. As the workshop progresses, we will explore other themes, and vehicles to bring them alive through readings, breathing, meditation and poses. 

The fee includes bunkhouse accommodations, dinner, brunch, and a light afternoon meal.

Friday, 5:00pm – Saturday, 5:00pm


10 CE Hours

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