Welcome to Soul Farm!

Our site is slowly building, so please come back often so see new photos and information!

This is our first season, and we’d love for you to be a part! We are a midwest yoga retreat farm located 80 miles west of Chicago, just outside of lovely little Amboy, IL!

We believe that true yoga is a philosophy that isn’t east or west. Our yoga is Midwest. We love listening to the bullfrogs and birds as we meditate. We love the view of the tall oaks above us as we practice our yoga outside, or gazing into the woods past the ponds as we hit a Warrior II in our ancient Yoga Barn. Our philosophy is to keep our practice close to home, in our own ecosystem. Read more about our retreats here.

The philosophy of keeping it in our own ecosystem extends to our food…vegetarian midwest. As much as possible, we grow our produce, or source from local farmers. We feel buying local is better not only for the environment, but we make new friends!

Soul Farm is 80 acres of woods, pastures, fields and ponds. Our woods are filled with paths for hiking, and someday very soon, horseback riding. We are on a tiny gravel road, very private and quiet. 

Soul Farm is a “glamping” retreat center. Sleep in the bunkhouse, walled tents, or indoors. We provide beds, linens and towels. Bring a little sense of adventure; you’ll be listening to plenty of nightlife if you sleep in the bunkhouse or walled tents! It just might be the best sleep you’ve ever had.

We have so many blogposts about our history, and our journey here to share; click here if you’d like to learn more about Soul Farm!