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Brainstorming Success

By September 5, 2018No Comments

“I’m only lost if I’m going someplace in particular.” Megan Scribner

This quote reminded me how often we are told that if we want to be successful, we need to create a clear picture of exactly what we want; the situation, the feelings, the place, colors, the how and the why; and point our compass right in that direction and hold our course. 

I know at times there is a validity to that, especially if we know in our whole being that we are on the absolute right path. But, how often are we that sure? How often do we desire change, quickly come up with the most logical and expedient solution, and set our feet on that one path? 

However, if we have narrowed success down to one possible outcome, just what are our chances of success? How likely is it that that one, perfect outcome will occur? 

Instead, what if we brainstorm many possible paths and solutions. It would be a great exercise to make an actual list.  Let some ideas be way out there, but still possible. A new job could actually be in Italy, a new home could actually be in a trailer. Envision yourself in these different outcomes. Can you picture yourself being happy? Fulfilled? 

My thought is, when imagining success, be open to all the forms that success might actually take. The anxiety of trying to make only one solution work drops away, and there is a liberation in realizing that there are actually many successful outcomes, and the chance of a happy outcome increases dramatically. Sure, select a path to start, but a side road might actually be where success lies.