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Week of 7/29-Third Eye meditation

By August 11, 2018No Comments

This week in class, the focus was on the third eye chakra. This chakra is associated with vision; both on a physical and mental or spiritual capacity. 

On a physical level, it is related to the eyes. Our ability to see things and process them is connected to this chakra. but this idea of sight and vision really starts to sing when we think about it mentally or spiritually. Our ability to see things as they are, sharply, clearly, and uninfluenced by our personal “filters” (opinions, tendencies, etc.) is very influenced by this chakra.

Like most chakras, the energy can be balanced, overactive, or underactive.

When the energy is underactive, our thinking is sluggish. We feel uninspired. We have difficulty processing the information we are able to see and absorb. Everything feels foggy and dull. We feel like we just can’t “see” the information we need.

When the third eye chakra is overactive, we may feel constantly in our heads, pulling in what we perceive as pertinent information, processing, analyzing, etc. We are unable to discern truth from all of the stories our mind is weaving. Everything seems true, important, and real. We feel flooded with information, and our mind is busy analyzing everything, often incorrectly.

When the third eye is balanced, we feel mentally sharp. Our perceptions are clear. We are able to take in information, and process it accurately. We are able to determine what is reality, and what is simply stories. We can focus on what is important, and eliminate what is distraction.

I recently watched a movie “Spinning Man”. It is a psychological thriller, in which a college philosophy instructor is suspected of abducting a young girl. 

The movie depicts the man in class, teaching his students to open their minds, their perceptions, by questioning them. What is reality? Are the things we see really there? How do we prove it?

This can be a really nice practice, but if you are working with an overactive third eye chakra, it can be crazy making. And this guy’s chakra was whirring like a cyclone. He created all sorts of stories in his mind, and without the ability to discern, was eventually unable to identity what was reality, and what was truly a story.

We all suffer a bit (or a lot!) from this from time to time, not sure about what our truth really is, and there are times we are fully stuck in our vision, unable to see that there may be another truth.

The 16 minute meditation above will help to slow the mind, and emphasize balance in the third eye chakra. It’s a good meditation when you feel imbalanced, or simply as “maintenance”, to help keep balance.