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Here we go again; another really cute model by Kirsten Rachford. This one shows plans for a small outhouse, with a gravity fed water source. When I first thought of doing ┬áretreats at my farm, I realized that one of people’s main concerns are where they are going to do their private stuff. We all need to be comfortable with that. My house is small, and the one tiny bathroom wasn’t going to be enough. So Kirsten and I started brainstorming.

To give you a little background and perspective, this is the outhouse my dad built about 40 years ago. Lovingly maintained, I know. There’s a funny story about him sitting in it one day. He hadn’t latched the door securely, and whilst he was doing his business, it popped open. The outhouse faces the gravel road. Now, even though it’s a quarter mile from the outhouse to the road, it’s a clear shot, and wouldn’t you know it, as the story goes, one of his friends drove by in their pick-up right about this time. My dad, being friendly, sat there and waved. This is one of the farm legends.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, what is wrong with the old outhouse? Looks fine to me! Yep, you might be saying that. More likely, you ran screaming and just returned to this blog, a little shaken. I think Kirsten felt that way too, because shortly after returning home from a field trip to the farm, she started brainstorming. Here is one of her plans…

…and, when I told her that I needed lovely, outdoor showers as well, she started sketching away some more.

And built another cute little model.

The shower/outhouse plans have expanded some from those original drawings and models. They were a great start, but we’ve added and finessed and think we’ve come up with an expanded design that will be real nice for y’all. These hardworking men are making it a reality. That’s boss-man Mike Koch on the right, and his sidekick Roy on the left. They are full of great ideas, and are excited to create the Taj Mahal of outhouse/showers. So excited, they met me on a 10 degree day to get me up-to-date on their progress. It doesn’t look like a lot here, but under that tarp, a lot of magic was set in place.

And here we are! I’m aware that with my big furry hood I’m taking up most of the shot. But, cut me some slack. It was 10 degrees. It’s not outhouse weather, you know!!

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