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Yoga Passport

Yoga Passport Teacher Profile: Lori Green, Essential Oils

By November 30, 2018No Comments

Yoga Passport is a unique Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training that I’ll be co-teaching at FocusOm beginning in January, 2109. It emphasizes the ultimate goal of yoga: to connect with one’s inner spirit. We’ll explore not only the tools of classical yoga, such as asana, pranayama and traditional meditation, but more modern practices as well. Many current practices help create a state of “yoga”, by quieting the mind, cultivating a healthy life, and connecting us to our own inner wisdom. This program offers a survey of many tools presented by many teachers, to broaden the students scope on their spiritual journey. If you’d like more details about this program, click here.

Lori Green is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist, Cranial Sacral therapist, Reiki Master, Clinical Aromatherapist & Salon owner. She developed an interest in using Essential Oils in her healing practice over 17 years ago. She began using and studying Essential Oil chemistry, learning how & why oils work in the body, as well as the benefits of taking them internally. When Lori contracted Epstein-Barr virus she began experimenting using Essential Oils for managing symptoms, and she found them to be very beneficial for her physical, emotional and spiritual health. They became part of her everyday life.   

With our Yoga Passport participants, Lori will be sharing the science behind the use of essential oils, and the chemistry of how they work.

“Oils vibrate at higher or lower frequencies. High or low does not indicate the quality; oils that vibrate at a higher frequency are more therapeutic for spiritual or emotional issues, but lower frequency oils are very beneficial for physical issues. 

“In addition, oils have an intelligence. We often will reach for an oil to treat a symptom, without knowing what the underlying issue is. The oil will help by addressing the underlying issue. I use lemongrass and cypress to help with circulation in my legs. I use the ‘raindrop’ oils, like basil, thyme and oregano, to boost the immune system. My medicine cabinet probably looks different than most other people’s medicine cabinet.” 

Lori is excited to chat about the uses and applications of oils with our students, and has ideas about how they can be used to enhance a yoga practice. “Oils can be used for chakra balancing, for certain, but also to help bring awareness to specific physical or emotion focuses in class. As we discuss the science of the oils and their chemistry, we will learn how we ‘wake up’ the oils and apply them properly so we can best reap the benefits.”

Many of our students at FocusOm already love incorporating essential oils into their practice. We are excited that Lori will be sharing her knowledge so we have even more ideas how to use them in practice and in everyday life.